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Use Orpheus text-to-speech FREE for 30 days. Download your 30-day evaluation of Orpheus TTS Plus or Orpheus TTS below.

Install on as many machines as you wish. You can then buy single or multiple licence packs and activate Orpheus for unlimited use on each machine.

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Activation Licences

23.40 (inc UK VAT)

from 64.80 (inc UK VAT)

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35.40 (inc UK VAT)

97.20 (inc UK VAT)

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  • Orpheus runs on Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista.
  • Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus speak 25 languages with special fast-talking synthetic voices.
  • Orpheus TTS Plus also has natural voices for UK English, US English and Swedish.
  • Orpheus is compatible with Microsoft Speech API and Dolphin SAM, so speaks with JAWS, Supernova, NVDA and practically ALL talking applications running on Microsoft Windows.
  • Orpheus gives highly intelligible speech at the fastest-talking rates, a benefit and productivity aid for all users of TTS
  • To work with Dolphin SAM talking applications download the free Dolphin SAM driver for Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus.