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Common Questions and Support Tips


Activation & Reactivation

Microsoft SAPI 5


I have installed Orpheus but can't connect to the Internet to Evaluate or Activate

If you have downloaded Orpheus you must have used an Internet connection that was working; run your web-browser again to test this in case it has stopped or your connection has changed.

If that works but Activation, Buy Activation Now or Evaluation still do not work, then your firewall may be preventing access. If you need to set your firewall to allow Configure Orpheus (program name OConfig.exe) to access the Internet then use the following settings:

  • Main server:
  • Backup server:
  • Backup server:
  • Port: 80 (standard HTTP)
  • Domain:

If you are running Orpheus on a corporate network you may be accessing the Internet via a "Proxy Server". By default, Evaluation, Buy Activation Now and Activation functions use the same proxy settings is IE to connect to the Internet. If IE works then your network firewall may be preventing access by OConfig.exe. Change the firewall settings with the settings above, or ask your network administrator to do so.

If you are not using IE to connect or you need to enter proxy settings that differ from the default, then on the activation dialog box press the Proxy Settings button and enter details given below for your network: you may need to contact your network administrator to gather the information needed.

  • Server name or IP address
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
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I have installed Orpheus but Dolphin Supernova and SAM can't find it

For Orpheus to work with Dolphin SAM applications, download and install the free Orpheus SAM driver.

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Norton 360 or Internet Security reports a false positive WS.Reputation.1 threat for the Orpheus download

Norton 360 or Internet Security has sometimes reported a false positive, WS.Reputation.1 threat from Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus install packages. Orpheus is NOT a threat and we are working with Norton to solve this issue. Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus have been whitelisted by Norton, but the issue may still occur with new releases of Orpheus.

If the issue occurs, if possible ignore the threat message, e.g. click More Info, when the threat message comes up from Norton 360 and select install anyway. If your Norton product pre-emptively deletes the Orpheus install package please contact Norton directly. It REALLY is their problem and they would like to hear from their customers about it

You can adjust your Norton settings to allow installation. See for example the article on the Norton Community site.

Towards the end of the article, there are a couple of useful tips:

  • "- Norton products can exclude by path. You can create a folder, add it to the AutoProtect exclusions (under Settings), and then download files to this folder. This will prevent Insight from seeing these files. Of course, you should only download executables you know are safe to this folder."

  • "- If you find you need to download a lot of low-reputation items, you can always toggle Download Insight on and off in the main Norton GUI window."

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Do I need a PayPal account to buy an Orpheus activation licence?

No you do not. If you do not have a Paypal account, when you arrive at the PayPal page for Orpheus just press the Continue button and ignore the PayPal login.

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How many machines can I activate Orpheus for?

The Orpheus license is for one machine (PC or Laptop) only. There is some flexibility to avoid problems when upgrading to a new machine.

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I have upgraded to a new PC or Laptop and re-installed Orpheus. Do I need a new licence?

Not the first time. You will be able to upgrade once.

When you do this, first de-install Orpheus from the old machine and then install and reactivate on your new machine. You should have no problems for your first upgrade. If you do experience a problem just contact support.

For subsequent upgrades you will need to buy a new licence. If the activation system detects multiple reactivations of a single user licence on different machines, your licence may be revoked and you will not be able to use it for any future reactivations.

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I have upgraded My O/S and have to re-install Orpheus. Do I need a new licence?

No. Just re-install Orpheus and reactivate. You can reactivate any number of times on the same machine. Providing you do not do this too regularly, you should not experience any problems.

However, if the activation system detects more than 2 reactivations within a period of 90 days, a temporary 'cooling-off' period is entered and no further reactivations will be allowed for 30 days.

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Windows 10 Creator upgrade has installed and now I am asked to reactvate Orpheus.

When Windows 10 Creator upgrade is installed, usually automatically, Orpheus Softworkz licence activation may ask for a reactivation. This is straightforward. Simply use the normal activation/reactivation dialogs and enter you original licence code and password, and a new never used password.

If you cannot remember your actvation code AND/or password, you can now log onto the Softworkz myportal using only the email address with which you obtained your Orpheus licence(s).

Microsoft SAPI 5

SAPI 5 doesn't speak at all

If Orpheus is working with other talking applications but no Orpheus voices are available to Microsoft SAPI 5 applications, then an installation problem has occurred. Orpheus may not be installed correctly. You can try to de-install and re-install to try again making sure no talking applications are running. If this problem persists contact with details of the fault, the operating system and the particular application you were trying to use.

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Orpheus SAPI 5 speaks English but not its other languages

By default SAPI 5 speaks only English (US not British) and Japanese languages unless the Universal Phoneme Set installed. It looks like this isn't installed on your machine, so click Microsoft Speech API 5.1 runtime and multilingual phoneme set to download and install the SAPI 5 runtime components needed for multilingual TTS.

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SAPI5 applications speak but avatars show no lip synchronisation

Orpheus up to and including version 3.02 does not support SAPI "Visemes" used for lip synchronisation with avatars and talking agents. This is scheduled for version 3.03 or 3.04 as a free update for existing users of Orpheus.

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