Orpheus 3.01 Release

20th November 2007

Version 3.01 of Orpheus, the new text-to-speech (TTS) synthesiser from Meridian One is now released and available for download from the Meridian One website.

Orpheus TTS offers fast intelligible speech at the fastest talking rates and lightning quick response for Dolphin SAM compatible applications.

Orpheus TTS Plus additionally supports Microsoft SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 and includes concatenative, more natural sounding voices, for UK English, US English and Swedish.

You can buy low-cost activation licences for unlimited use from 19.50 for Orpheus TTS and 29.50 for Orpheus TTS Plus (ex VAT sales tax).

Go to the Meridian One products page to download a FREE 30-day trial version for Windows XP and Vista.

Minor updates, voice and language improvements will be available FREE if you have an activated Orpheus. Low-cost upgrades for major enhancements and major new features will also be available.

Fast Speech

Experience Orpheus's unique feature of intelligible speech at the fastest talking rates. Orpheus includes special design features to give intelligibility to synthetic voices at the fastest talking rates.

Other Benefits

  • 25 languages; all capable of speaking with fast synthetic voices and some also with concatenative natural sounding voices.
  • Support for Microsoft SAPI 4, SAPI 5 and Dolphin SAM talking applications.
  • Skim reading voice option to speak only (syntactically) important words and quickly understand the gist of a passage of text.
  • Uses sentence grammar to differentiate many heteronyms.

Find out More

Go to the Meridian One Orpheus page to find out more about Orpheus.