Orpheus 3.02 Released

Meridian One Speech is proud to announce the release of version 3.02 of Orpheus, the text-to-speech (TTS) synthesiser for fast talking applications. Download your FREE 30-day evaluation from the Meridian One website now.

Version 3.02 features ALL the benefits of Orpheus 3.01 but additionally:

  • Orpheus TTS now supports SAPI 4 and SAPI 5.

  • Even faster synthetic speech at speed 1000.

  • German voices speak currencies and dates.

  • Improvements to US, UK English, German and Finnish pronunciation and sentence flow

  • Some bug-fixes, e.g. in SAPI 5 operation

Version 3.02 is a FREE update for anyone with an installed and activated 3.01. Just use the activation code from 3.01 to activate 3.02.

Benefits of Orpheus

  • Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus offer fast intelligible speech at the fastest talking rates with lightning quick response with Dolphin SAM applications.

    Orpheus is the ideal synthesiser for screen reading

  • Orpheus TTS Plus and Orpheus TTS now both support Microsoft SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 and Dolphin SAM talking applications.

  • Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus speak 25 languages with fast synthetic voices. Orpheus TTS Plus includes natural sounding voices for UK English, US English and Swedish.

  • Quickly understand the gist of a passage of text by using the Orpheus skim reading option which allows Orpheus voices to speak only the syntactically important words in a phrase.

Buy low-cost activation licences for unlimited use from 19.50 for Orpheus TTS and 29.50 for Orpheus TTS Plus (ex VAT sales tax).

Go to the Meridian One products page to download your FREE 30-day trial version for Windows XP and Vista.

Future updates, voice and language improvements will be available FREE if you have an activated Orpheus.

Fast Speech

Experience Orpheus's UNIQUE feature of intelligible speech at the fastest talking rates. Orpheus includes special design features to give intelligibility to synthetic voices at the fastest talking rates.

To find out more about Orpheus go to the Meridian One Orpheus page now!